We are happy to inform you that you can now keep a closer watch on your students’ grades through the use of the internet and INOW@Home.  There is a link on our school website to help you access the site. Simply click on the picture or link below and put in the Username:   Parents   and Password: INOW@home   Then click on OK and enter the username and password that you were given with progress reports on September 28, 2013. 

**** Teachers are not required to put grades in the INow program on a daily basis. There is a date by each activity in the list, so you may need to check back later for updates. 


1. Type in  (or go to our school website and click on the link). The username and password on this first screen will  never change. It will always be the following. Username:   Parents   Password: INOW@home

2. Click on OK. You will see a screen that looks like the one to the right. (You may need to turn OFF pop-up blockers in order to view INOW)

3. You will need to enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD provided for you on the back of this sheet. (Not the one above) The program will ask you to change your password the first time you login. **

** Please use a password that you will remember. If you forget your password, you may call the school and request  that it be reset. You will need to verify that you have access to the student by providing your name and username assigned to you. We will then be able to reset it for you to the original one. Please understand this is to keep your students’ records secure.

4.  Remember to Logout when you are finished using the program. 


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