HPES pageant

Congratulations to the following contestants in the Holly Pond Elementary beauty pageant:

Tiny Miss HPES

Tiny Miss HPES - Ella Laney

1st Alternate - Molly Mullins

2nd Alternate - Collins Hunt

Academic Winner - Ella Laney

Best Smile - Molly Mullins

Best Dress - Collins Hunt

Junior Miss HPES

Junior Miss HPES - Ryleigh Farr

1st Alternate - Annabella Dye

2nd Alternate - Kylie Holmes

Academic Winner - Ryleigh Farr

Best Smile - Kylie Holmes

Best Dress - Ryleigh Farr


Miss HPES - Nadia Gibbs

1st Alternate - Kynleigh Wood

2nd Alternate - Haleigh Stringer

Academic Winner - Kynleigh Wood

Best Smile - Erika Drummond

Best Dress - Haleigh Stinger