Science Fair

Congratulations to the following winners in the Science Fair:

Kindergarten Posters
1st place - Collins Hunt
2nd place - Leelah Castana
3rd place - Cooper Shelnutt

1st Grade Posters
1st place - Josie Taylor
2nd place - Ella Laney
3rd place - Mia Bryant

2nd Grade Posters
1st place - Tanner Bell
2nd place - Elizabeth Stuckey
3rd place - Nathan Shelnutt
4th place - Bradford Strickland

3rd Grade Posters
1st place - Lauren Shareck
2nd place - Grayson Baggett
3rd place - Olivia Williams

4th & 5th Grades Project Winners
1st place - Kynleigh Wood
2nd place - Jackson Hathcock
3rd place - Hudson Stephens